We all have used facial creams and moisturizers and yet we may not how to put them on to achieve the best result….so easy to do, but sometimes hard to remember. Its time to get back to the basics! 1. Remember to apply different layers in the correct order; for instance if you are using a serum, place that onto the face first, then apply your moisturizer. 2. Use only a small amount of cream for your face. Only a pea size amount or an amount equivalent to the size of your pinky nail is enough for the entire face. If you are using a cream with an active, like retinol, this pea size amount is enough; if you are using a moisturizer, you can be more generous if you enjoy the feeling it gives you. 3. Always try to spread the cream in an upward and outward movement starting with the lower part of the face and working your way up. I recommend the following order: Chin->Cheeks-> Foreheard-> Nose -> Eyes 4. Try to pat the cream around the eye from the inner portion to the outer portion of the eyelid instead of rubbing. Over time rubbing can contribute to more fine lines and wrinkles 5. Last but not least, use another pea size amount of cream and repeat the entire process onto the chest and neck.

Purple arrows points to the direction of the motion


Perfect pea size amount